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Raw You-niverse: Great Smoothies and Beyond

If you’ve had one of our smoothies at one of the summer farmer markets, festivals or events, you may know us simply as the Smoothie Folks.  This website will give you a fuller picture of who we are and what we offer in the way of insight and support on your path to a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

As you peruse the site;

You can read an excerpt of our health story on our about us page.

You can find our philosophy on our lifestyle page.

Within our beautiful “organic” web site you will also find a selection of articles we have written or that have been written about us, a way to purchase our “30 Days of Raw Smoothies” recipe book, learn about the personal coaching services we offer you and the classes and workshops we are currently leading or are involved in as well as links to our individual websites for additional coaching and specialized services offered to you our client.

We do Raw You-niverse together as a husband and wife team, along with our youngest son Jasper.  Bill has a coaching company called Big Bang Coaching and Megan has Naked Sophia.  We hope you check them all out and see what elements align and can serve you best.

Special Note: Be sure to check out our Raw Photos Section as we tend to take random photos at our smoothie booths and demonstrations. So take a look and you may find yourself
loving life and smiling back at the world with a Raw You-niverse smoothie in hand.