Raw Lifestyle

Raw Lifestyle

The real truth is that we each begin the journey to enhancing our wellness from right where we are. And where you are now, is perfect.

We will guide you in beginning this exploration of you knowing you from -

We know that to be brilliant, truly happy and live a life on purpose, it is imperative to envision, create and own an inspired, compelling future.

This vitally important process is considered the journey back to your true self;

In your life, this is your most worthy endeavor!

In order to move forward into your envisioned new future and for it to become a permanent part of your life, you must do 3 things:

Get Educated – consider new information and learn about accessing the keys to that future.

Get Mentored – associate with people who are doing what you want to do and learn from them.

Get Support – get a coach to guide and support you in creating a unique structure in all aspects of your life.

Flourish – This is the result of your effort. You thrive and continually expand in your new being with true joy.

Education   go back

Education means collecting aligned information, processing it and integrating it into your way of knowing.

By processing the information we share with you, we mean, that this is a whole body, mind and spirit process that has you really try it on to then integrate the elements that are a fit into your overall envisioned lifestyle. Making them your own and experiencing increasing joy and abundance as a result.

In essence, you must educate yourself, fortify your future vision through trial and take specific actions that you know and trust are in alignment with your newly created self-imaged lifestyle.

Through all of our conversations, programs and, everything we do, we strive to provide the most up to date and accurate information for you to consider taking in and making it a part of your healthy lifestyle.

Mentoring   go back

Mentoring means that it is important to be surrounded by, involved, engaged and interacting with people who support and epitomize your desired life vision.

Support   go back

Living in support means to have the structure in place that supports your personal success. Examples are having a coach, a community, a partner, a calendar, segment intending, a gym membership, a food buying club.

Determining, engaging and utilizing the support structures that are specific to you for your success.

Having a coach, that is an excellent fit for the journey you are embarking on, means having someone who has the experience and know how that you are seeking but also a style that will inherently support and lead you forward.

Additionally, we have found that it is vitally important to have your surroundings, your actual physical space, and it’s best if it’s all of them,  emanate and stand as a reflection and acknowledgement of your desired results from where you are on your path.

Flourish   go back

To have all the pieces in place then to be living it, basking in it, holding it, sharing it as sacred and living in the now created existence with excitement.

This means creating a designed lifestyle and not just a little project or fad or phase. You will know that you have achieved this when something comes up that is out of alignment with your new lifestyle and you can easily recognize it as such and stay return to your true self regardless of the circumstance with ease.

Taking stock of what is and at RAW You-niverse we are set up to help people get these elements in place and have them handled.