Raw You-niverse as a Company

Our Company Statement

Raw You-niverse is an international raw and living foods lifestyle company that specializes in coaching and training. We are dedicated to guiding and assisting individuals into a deep personal understanding and activation of the extraordinary benefits of a raw and living foods lifestyle.

Our Primary Mission

Our main goal is to provide access to life-source energy, optimal health and realized true human potential.

Everything we do, say and offer in The Raw You-niverse endeavor is intentionally designed for individual self-discovery and to inform, mentor and support a personally derived and implemented healthy lifestyle that evokes vitality for each of our clients and allows them to flourish in the unique and rich gardens of their own lives.

How We Get There

We each begin the journey to wellness from right where we are while envisioning an inspired, compelling future. This could also be considered the journey back to your true self; the most worthy endeavor.

At Raw You-niverse, we are no different.

We are a consciously evolving entity, guided by intuitive, aware and spirited individuals, that is:

Constantly expanding and improving the depth of understanding and assimilation of the ever increasing “quality” knowledge available.  And from there, making informed, intuitively based inspired choices and actions from that knowing creating what can only be described as “Cutting Edge” programs and services.

Continuously exploring and sharing the proven as well as the newly arising techniques and methods that are designed to expand the deeper understanding of the human spirit and living experience.  Our main intent in this endeavor is toward the purpose of increasing awareness and deep connection with true self and to provide for a wildly unique, fundamentally healthy and happy life experience, as the achieved result, for each and all of the individuals we work with.

Making the most individually designed, freely expressed and enjoyed wellbeing lifestyle totally accessible to all with ease.  We support each client in their own journey toward their own individual awakenings and discoveries and to implement their findings in a way that a shift occurs that embeds itself in their daily life experience as their way of life producing profound results.