Fun Foods For Your Health

Raw You-niverse Comments -This article was written by Besty Karp and illustrates how simple and easy it can be for someone to get going into a primarily raw and healthy lifestyle. Please remember to by “ORGANIC” when ever it is available. This will provide you with the healthiest, most vital and clean nutrients available. Ask your grocer or market contact to provide GMO info on your food. You deserve to know what you are eating!

Eating healthy is something that doesn’t take a lot of effort. It just needs you to be focused on having clean, fresh produce in your house. These are five ingredients that you should go out and buy right now if you don’t have them: cinnamon, avocados, blueberries, flavored herbal tea and fresh kale. These five ingredients can help you lose weight, giving you more energy, a better skin complexion, and even a better night’s sleep. Are you ready to begin?

I discovered herbal flavored teas years ago. I had always had a huge sweet tooth, and after dinner I always wanted something sweet. But that is the worst time to have sugar. It gets you revved up, you don’t sleep well and those calories are going right to your rear-end. Discovering these teas not only helped me to lose weight, but helped me to sleep and feel better. Add just a touch of honey (maybe a little lemon) and you’ll see how those sweet cravings start to dissipate.

Blueberries  They are plump, they’re sweet, low in calories (only 80 calories per cup), filled with antioxidants, packed with vitamin C, have manganese (helps with bone development) and they’re a great source of dietary fiber. In the summer I love putting them on a salad, in my yogurt, for my “dessert” at night or just a plain snack during the day. They’re great.

Avocados have become my best friend. They’re sensual, they’re making my skin glow and they’re delicious to eat. I’m not even putting them in my salads anymore. I’m scooping them right out of the shell and eating them plain. It’s funny because I’m even buying them perfectly ripe and ready to eat. I guess I’ve gotten so good at this that I don’t need to throw any of them out. A pureed avocado has only 23 calories and it’s a wonderful source of healthy fat (containing less than half a gram of saturated fat).

Kale is a great super-food. You can tear it up, put it on a tray with a drop of olive oil and sea salt and stick it in the oven at 300 degrees for 20 minutes. When they’re done, you’ll have a new, healthy “potato chip.” Great snack, fun to eat and tastes really good!

Cinnamon has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and keep blood sugar levels steady which helps you from over eating and even eating too much sugar. You can pour cinnamon on chicken, cereal, yogurt, in you teas or coffees, or over apples. Cinnamon is healthy and good for you.

So here are five things that are fun to eat, good for your health and a new regime for your food-shopping list. Try different recipes, experiment, explore and have fun with these foods. See if you feel lighter, happier, thinner and better.

Article written by: Betsy Karp