About Raw You-niverse

About Raw You-niverse

Bill and Megan Paglia-Scheff (Naked Sophia) of Raw You-niverse  are a part of the regular vendor crew every Tuesday. They serve up fresh and delicious Raw and Organic Fruit and Green Smoothies with a new and refreshing recipe nearly every week. Their newest magnificent and wildly received creation is The “Almond Joyous.” This is a magical blend of Banana, Real Raw ground Almond, Raw Cacao, Raw Shredded Coconut and Agave Nectar with fresh spring water and sping water ice. This is followed by their other wonderful flavors, Pineapple Ginger Lime known as the Zinger for the spark the ginger adds and the Rave Smoothie – The Orange Dreamsicle with fresh squeezed Orange juice, Banana and Vanilla. All ingredients are the freshest available and always raw and organic.

“30 Days of Raw Smoothies – Enough To Change Your Life”

Bill and Megan reside in Middletown, Connecticut with their five children living near by and their five grand children filling their lives with expanded joy. Together they grow some of their own organic produce, recreate their lives often and present their findings to all those interested and attracted through a variety of programs, media and resources.

Megan’s raw food philosophy and all of her coaching endeavors embody a healthy sexy, magical lifestyle awakened everyday thorough raw foods, body wisdom coaching, education and events inspiring passionate joyful living. All of Naked Sophia’s offerings are designed to cultivate a new mindset from which to create and live our lives from “The Raw Wisdom of Your Life.” Naked Sophia translates to “Raw Wisdom” and she upholds and delivers this essential purpose in a variety of venues and settings around the state and country.

Bill’s previous academic training which was focused primarily in the fields of psychology, business and horticulture and his experiential educational endeavors which included 12 years of Landmark Education Corporation, Karen Knowler’s (The Raw Food Coach) Platinum Business Program and other renowned leadership programs along with living his life to the fullest, have all provided the score for his current “now” composition. He is a raw foodist and promoter of personal wholistic well being through designed and intuitively determined programs. He has cured himself of previously diagnosed physical diseases through his food and fitness regimen and is a cancer survivor and thriver. Bill Paglia-Scheff is a creative visionary coach who works with people privately and in groups, in the fields of personal transformation and relationship to self, others and Source. His breakthrough program “The Radical Miracle” takes clients through a one year, four step process, beginning where they are in their inquiry through the quarterly phases of Food, Fitness and Finesse and guides them into a place of Flourishing and Freedom in their lives, not previously known or experienced. He is also an ordained independent ecumenical minister, a commissioned family life minister and a member of the senior faculty of the Relationship Coaching Institute.