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30 Days of Raw Smoothies – Enough To Change Your Life

“30 Days of Raw Smoothies – Enough To Change Your Life” is a recipe and information book that will support you in your transition into raw fooding or add to your repertoire, a whole set of amazing new raw smoothies that are packed with flavor and nutrition. This is must for your personal library and also makes a superb gift for those who want to know how to access the most clear and powerful way to lose weight, enliven their bodies and minds and sparkle from the inside out.

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Fresh, Beautiful and Essential Raw Smoothies Recipes and Information That Can Change Your Life

“Raw Smoothies is a beautiful, inspiring and super-easy to follow book. Not only does it deliver delicious and incredibly health-giving raw smoothie recipes, but it features useful additional information, is beautifully presented and most refreshingly, has a very real, down-to-earth ‘this is what works for us’ narrative which is both heart-warming and invaluable. I love ‘Raw Smoothies’ and recommend that every smoothie lover and health enthusiast has a copy in their kitchen for daily inspiration, support and deliciousness.”

Karen Knowler, “The Raw Food Coach”,

“Bill’s book is written in such a sincere, kind, and enthusiastic manner, I felt his
smiling face accompanying me all the way through. The recipes are simple and innovative, suitable for any budget and taste, especially for athletic men. The beautiful layout helps to remember favorite recipes. Enjoyable to read and to taste!”

Victoria Boutenko, author of
Green for Life and Green Smoothie Revolution

Why You Should Buy and Try This Book

1. If you are currently considering or have ever considered changing your food intake plan for any reason, please consider this as a very valuable and beneficial resource.

2. If you have been experiencing any pain as a result of inflammation, please consider this book and the recipes contained within as a powerful beginning step toward your well-being.

3. If you are a person willing to consider that what you think, say, do, breathe, touch, eat and drink can all have an important part to play in how great your life experience is and you want it to be amazing   This book is for you!

4. If you want to end your dependency or addiction in regards to what you eat, Try This!

5. If you want to experience a very refreshingly real sense of feeling alive, fresh, alert and satisfied while having a marked decrease in food craving, hunger, sleepiness and sluggishness. Buy It!

6. If you want to take charge of your eating and exercise your power of choice instead of being run by food and your diet. This book will help you do exactly that.

7. If you want to stop dieting, start living and lose weight safely and for good. Consider this book a portal to your personal freedom!

8. If you can commit to taking these recipes on for 30 days, you can find out exactly what impact your food intake can have in creating a sense of wellness that you may not have thought possible.

9. If you want to discover the benefits of eating food with essential life elements that boost your energy, and stop eating processed that’s had all its life extracted from it and as a result feel alive verses half dead, then read on and try this on for your life’s sake.

10. This is the entry level, 30 day raw smoothie recipe book designed to get you started down the path of health, vitality and well-being simply by doing what you are going to do each and every day anyway, EAT!

Make the change that will change you for LIFE!
If you or someone you care about is wanting to go Raw or stay Raw then this book should be an essential part of your kitchen library. It is a simple, fun and direct way to access and feed yourself the highest nutritional and best tasting smoothies that will fill you with life and vigor and provide you with all that you need to live a sharp, clean and exuberant life. If you desire to have that get up and go feeling through out the day, lose weight naturally and for good and want to experience an unstoppable zip for life then, don’t wait another minute!

Order your own copy now, take this book into your home, follow these powerful and delicious recipes and fill your body with liquid energy that will change your life.

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